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Rates - Special Offer

KBT would like to do our part to help stimulate the local economy by offering a “special” rate for borrowers looking to finance and/or refinance your dream home. We are currently offering mortgage secured loans with the following rates:

Interest Rate 3.00%

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 3.052%

The following terms apply to Qualified Borrowers: This is a 5-year fixed rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage which means the interest rate is fixed for the first five years of the loan. After the 5th year, the interest rate and payment amount can change every year up or down based on the current 1-year treasury index rate. The payment for a 30-year $150,000 5-year Adjustable–Rate Loan at 3.00% and 80% loan-to-value (LTV) is $632.41. Projected APR and payment are based on the current interest rate of 3.000% adjustable after 5 years and assumes 20% down-payment for a $150,000 loan amortized over 30 years. Payment includes principal and interest only. Any other fees such as tax and insurance are not included and will result in a higher actual monthly payment.

Please call the bank at 217-944-2296 for additional details and or questions on other products and services we offer.